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Industrial IoT
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

We offer integrated solutions for industrial enterprises and municipal services, as well as individual products.

V-LUX cooperates together with Russian and foreign partners in the field of production of devices for the industrial Internet of things and software.

We pay special attention to the creation of complete solutions on customer's premises, especially where cloud solutions are not acceptable to the client due to information security requirements.

We have vast experience in supplying complex solutions for Russian and foreign industrial companies. Our customers are the enterprises of the oil and gas, power, chemical, metallurgy and metalworking, transport sectors, etc.

You can enjoy a wide choice of gateways, sensors, controllers, access points and other devices in industrial design.

Individual approach and consideration of the specifics of each project will be offered. We are well acquainted with the world practice of creating IIoT-solutions and are ready to choose the most well-proven combination of technologies in the industry.

Industrial IoT: why industrial companies need it

  • Quick access and data analysis for managers
  • Visualized processes occurring in the company's technological chains through applications.
  • Integration of data from different subsystems, data transfer protocols and device types.
  • Predictive maintenance of devices.
  • Elimination of «data islands», which often contain important and even critical information.
  • Increased level of industrial safety.
  • Better level of labor protection.
  • Higher level of information security.

Why choose V-LUX solutions for industrial IoT

  • Great experience in the field of industrial projects.
  • Knowledge and expertise in various sectors (from housing and communal services to nuclear energy and defense industry.
  • Ready to integrate industrial Internet projects with existing industrial devices and data networks.
  • Available production facilities and software developers, as well as installers of radio-frequency systems and devices.
  • Huge experience of working with large telecom operators in B2B solutions.
  • Great experience in successfully launching projects in new business directions.
  • Qualified specialists in various fields.

What we offer:

  • Development of software for IIoT. Adaptation of ready-made software products for customer's tasks.
  • Solving the information security problems when using the technologies of the industrial Internet of things.
  • Development of large data analytics.
  • Software development for managing the objects of the industrial Internet of things.
  • Analysis of the needs to apply the IoT solutions to industrial enterprises and urban economy
  • Creating a wireless data collection infrastructure from IIoT sensors.
  • Integration of means of industrial automation of enterprises with solutions of the industrial Internet of things.
  • Training of Customer's employees, provision of consulting services and technical support.

Our solutions:

CPI Ericsson Nagra TRIAX Evertz
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