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Systems Integration For Digital TV
Systems Integration for Digital Television

Modern digital television provider’s infrastructure is a complicated system functioning both at the level of technical solutions and at the business level. These two levels are closely connected and V-LUX always is ready to provide such solutions which are not only technically tested but as well are suitable from the commercial point of view and are easily integrated with the business processes of the Customer. Due to our own experience and the experience of our foreign partners, we will protect your investments with the solutions which are in line with market development trends.

For digital television providers we offer the following objectives:

  • Digital television Head end equipment (coders, multiplexors, decoders, processors, switches, etc.)
  • Solutions for basic services functioning (subscriber management, DVB charts management, EPG, mosaic)
  • Content protection systems for broadcasting and IPTV (CAS, DRM)
  • Service platforms for interactive TV and IPTV systems
  • Subscriber stations and related applications
  • VoD solutions and content management systems
  • Devices for management systems and monitoring equipment
  • Creation of complex information environment
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