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V-LUX Solutions CaTV Integration Department of Software Products and Solutions
Integration Department of Software Products and Solutions

The integration department was founded in 1999 for the purpose of solving various tasks on software integration for digital video broadcasting and broadband access operators. Certified specialists of the mentioned department were trained at Russian and foreign companies which occupy leading positions in this field (trainings and hands-on courses at Pixelmetrix, AM Networks, Skyline, ARRIS, 1C, etc.). Except project managers and analysts the staff of the department also includes software designers and specialists on installation and integration of software products with other elements of provider’s ecosystem.

  • Experience of multilevel monitoring system design in operator’s network, including the design of original software products
  • Development of complex software systems, core of internet systems and record systems with elements of analysis and ERP
  • Development of customized turn-key systems with the use of the designed unique development, international languages and software engineering platforms
  • Development of process control systems of any scale, up to the largest Russian enterprises
  • Software products integration into the Customers’ ecosystems (middleware/VOD, CAS/DRM/EPG, NMS platforms of digital television and broadband access) for dozens of projects implemented by the largest Russian operators
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