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V-LUX DAS - Distributed Antenna System
DAS-Distributed Antenna System

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for offices, industrial facilities and residential buildings make it possible to expand service coverage for any type of mobile operator. V-LUX offers solutions for industrial class, that have increased reliability and special performance.

Our services:

  • Site survey, coverage mapping, development of technical specifications
  • Solution selection (active and passive DAS, use of fiber optic links, etc.); and auxiliary components (connectors, feeders, fiber optic links, antenna posts, etc.);
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Installation, installation supervision, commissioning;
  • Technical support.


Advantages of our solutions:

  • Easy scaling and a wide selection of modules from manufacturer. A separate way is the use of Software Defined Remote Unit. This solution allows you to quickly add / remove frequencies, as well as remotely change the power of the main module and remote devices (RU);
  • Support for all Russian bands and transmission modes;
  • Means of monitoring network devices and traffic and monitoring network load;
  • Existing enterprise network is used: FOCL or 6A category networks;
  • DWDM / WDM in optical networks is integrated into the main and remote units (MU/RU);
  • Common infrastructure can be used with other services, such as Wi-Fi, security cameras, and other connected devices. You can use common antennas for DAS and WLAN and RU
  • DAS infrastructure can be used in enterprises for radio communications (TETRA/PMR frequencies)
  • The network needs to be easily managed, in particular, it is possible to route traffic depending on the needs of the enterprise;
  • Remote power supply of base stations (RU and their antennas) using PoE;
  • Power supplies of both 220 VAC and direct current DC (48 ... 60);
  • Optional Battery Backup Support;
  • Special cabinets for equipment and cable trays;
  • Modular design and industrial design. For example, head modules from up to IP66 are designed without additional protection;
  • MIMO support is especially important for mobile communication network under IoT, when the coverage area expands in a large workshop, where subscribers often and quickly move;
  • New modern features, especially in terms of data transmission, for example, VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

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