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V-LUX Industrial IoT Oil and gas industry (mining and fuel industry)
The industrial Internet of things for oil and gas branch: the purposes and problems

  • Check behind a situation in holes, pipe lines and other objects of oilfields and gas.
  • Situation Monitoring at digging (Definition of a direction of a fracture at a hydraulic fracturing, the analysis of a state of engineering and casing hardware, environment monitoring etc.)
  • The Analysis of a state of the equipment and предиктивные repairs, definition of real deterioration of knots and dodges
  • The Account of movement of the equipment, transport and the personnel, sensors with a tracking (follow-up) - an inexpensive way to supervise their movement, stowage and use.
  • IoT-solution on the basis of such sensors allows to assemble operatively the data about each unit of the valuable equipment in uniform system. Thereby the company minimizes odds of losses, will cut discharge rates on logistics, namely a choice and object haul, the proximate to a zone of operations, and also minimizes odds of thefts.
  • Power performance Increase: in an online mode, what arguments influence power consumption, how much consumption what dynamics of "discharge rate" in comparison with the past periods etc. is deflected from the plan,
  • Monitoring of a labour safety and health of employees

Effect from implementation of the industrial Internet of things

  • Supply of rendition of production and performance of ambulances on the assembly lines allowing persons, making solutions to trace progress at level of factory and, if necessary, to pass to concrete ambulances.
  • All data is stored and are accessible to the analysis. The client can return and analyse the data which is falling into to several years. All ambulances are hooked up regardless of the fact that they are non-uniform that was earlier impossible.
  • Creation of communal information field of the enterprise taking into account priorities of the customer Is necessary. I.e. all rigs with ЧПУ and industrial computers, boards, stamps, transport systems with various controllers are hooked up to a communal network.
  • Indexs of consumption of energy are assembled at level of each ambulance and the dodge, and this information is used for control of requirements for energy for current operations and the future expansion.
  • The effective labour safety on harmful and dangerous productions (remote check behind the personnel) Is provided

Our solutions

  • Use of wireless technologies of the big range with an inexpensive network infrastructure
  • ГHybrid multiservice systems with universal knots of aggregation of the different data: cues from sensors, videos produced in real time with low delay
  • Development of universal sluices for the produced different types: from stream-oriented industrial computers, to sensors of system of access and CCTV video
  • High fault tolerance of a network infrastructure
  • Integration with available networks of data transmission and IT solutions
  • Additional actions for information security supply on objects of oilfields and gas.

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