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V-LUX Industrial IoT Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • improving the efficiency of maintenance of the chemical enterprise infrastructure, reducing service costs, predictive maintenance of equipment and components taking into account real wear
  • improving the accuracy of measurements and control during chemical processing. control of component levels in storage and transportation, 3D visualization of processes through applications, including AR/VR augmented reality
  • improving the quality of logistics
  • implementation of environmental programs in the chemical industry
  • providing the company's management with relevant and timely information
  • improvement of the level of labor protection and prevention of emergency situations (civil defense) at chemical industry facilities
  • saving costs for energy and natural resources through the organization of operational accounting and analysis of problem areas
  • storage and archiving of large data sets for in-depth analysis of the situation and development of the company's strategy and tactics

What we offer

  • development of a strategy for the introduction of internet of things (IoT) technologies for your company taking into account the priorities (ecology, logistics, labor protection, etc.)
  • identification of key approaches to data collection and storage, selection of analytical tools, etc.
  • selection or development of sensors and gateways for your technological processes and other tasks taking into account the conditions of use (aggressive environment, high temperatures, radio frequency interference, etc.)
  • use of different network technologies for data collection both from sensors and gateways, and from SCADA systems of the enterprise
  • information security of the solution and its components.
  • providing high fault tolerance of network infrastructure
  • integration with existing data networks and it solutions

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