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V-LUX Industrial IoT Control over equipment, transport and tools in industrial enterprises
Control over the transport of the enterprise

Main task

  • Companies need to more actively involve the managers who control the process flows to process control,
  • Constantly and instantly identify errors, provide quality control (example: remote control of torque wrench Assembly),
  • Over-expenditure of resources and time of equipment failure/maintenance (example: connection to sensors of all electric motors in the plant)
  • Maximize productivity of repair services and maintenance personnel
  • Maximum use of space and resources of the company
  • Optimize the use of enterprise assets based on knowledge of their availability, condition and related production tasks

The effect of the introduction of monitoring of technological assets of the enterprise

  • Reduction of time spent on production cycles, savings on overtime payments, etc.
  • The ability to instantly receive the required key information for effective prioritization
  • Identification of problems related to productivity: process bottlenecks, deviations from the plan, trends in cycle time)
  • Management will be able to make objective decisions based on accurate data

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