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V-LUX Industrial IoT Mechanical engineering and metal working
Mechanical engineering and metal working
For machine building and other industrial enterprises


  • Many production and Assembly lines with a set of different machines, machine tools, furnaces, stamps, conveyors and robots
  • It is necessary to watch and analyze in real time the data from industrial lines for identification and a prediction of problems
  • Many different and unrelated SCADA systems («island of the data» which are not unified)
  • Process chains, Assembly lines, conveyors consist of various machines, most of which are not connected to the network. The data on these devices is collected manually and fed to the heads with a large delay.
  • Connection of new devices leads to a sharp increase in data flow. Existing SCADA is difficult or impossible to scale. It is difficult to work with previously obtained data
  • Operational data from workshops is isolated from the rest of the enterprise it infrastructure
  • Solution-creation of a unified system of industrial Internet of things (IoT)

The effect of the introduction of the industrial Internet of things

  • Visualization of the production and efficiency of machines on Assembly lines, allowing decision makers to track progress at the plant level and, if necessary, switch to specific machines.
  • All data is stored and available for analysis. The client can return and analyze data that is specific to several years. All machines are connected regardless of the fact that they are heterogeneous, which was previously impossible.
  • It is necessary to create a single information space of the enterprise taking into account the priorities of the customer. I. e. all CNC machines and industrial computers, furnaces, dies, transport systems with different controllers connected to the common network/.
  • Energy consumption indicators are collected at the level of each machine and mechanism, and this information is used to manage energy needs for ongoing operations and future expansion.
  • Ensuring effective labor protection at hazardous production facilities (remote control of personnel)

Our solution

  • Development of an individual plan to prepare the infrastructure of the enterprise for the requirements of industry 4.0»
  • Integration of different SCADA systems into a single space
  • Information security of the system
  • Use of wired and wireless technology
  • Development and selection of controllers and sensors
  • Development of universal gateways for different types of data: from streaming industrial computers to access sensors and video surveillance
  • Providing high fault tolerance of network infrastructure
  • Integration with existing data networks and it solutions

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