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V-LUX Industrial IoT Housing and communal services (Smart city and street lighting systems)
Industrial engineers IIoT in street illumination

  • Economy of a power consumption
  • Economy on infrastructure service. A heading of additional services: access control to cabinets, fixtures, sewerages, connection of video observation, traffic sensing transducers etc.
  • Creation of systems of different level: from simple monitoring of devices to the operated and automated systems of different complexity and different level of fault tolerance
  • Hybrid solutions for transfer production engineering. We offer use of different production engineering of a wireless communication (LoRa, IEEE 802.15.4. LTE), and wire solutions (PLC)
  • Visualization of the processes occurring in a supply net and fixtures. Possibility to expect derangement and smooth degradation of quality of services
  • Separate systems of monitoring/management by illumination and integration into designs «Clever City»
  • Simplification of decision-making by heads through the analysis of the data in applications

Our solutions

  • Use of wireless production engineering of the big range with an inexpensive network infrastructure on the basis of standards LoRa, IEEE 802.15.4 and others
  • Maintenance of information security of system
  • Formation of model of services for a platform of the Internet of things
  • Control units under different types of fixtures and a problem of the operator of a platform (monitoring of devices, individual and group management of installations of urban illumination, access control to installations etc.)
  • Modernization of control units under hybrid systems, integration with other services of municipal economy
  • The combination of wireless production engineering to use of wire solutions (PLC, Ethernet) and services of operators of a vehicular communication Is is possible.

The industrial Internet and municipal economy

  • Monitoring of serviceability of installations of an urban infrastructure (urban illumination, parking spaces, storage of a waste, management and control over the traffic etc.)
  • Raise of efficiency of use of installations of an urban infrastructure (signs, indexes, зарядных station for electric motor cars etc.)
  • Raise of efficiency of use of resources by means of modern systems of the account and control over distribution system

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