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V-LUX Projects «Central Russia» and «North-West» Rostelecom macro-regional offices
«Central Russia» and «North-West» Rostelecom macro-regional offices
The Press release

In the beginning of 2015 V-LUX completed the project for digitalization of TV channels transmission over SDH networks of Rostelecom.

The project for the “Transfer to digital communication systems of the radial Moscow TV circle capacities and Ostankino station shut down covered 19 cities in the «Central Russia» and «North-West”» Rostelecom macro regional offices*.

The main objective of the newly designed complex is provision of reserved communication channels to TV companies for video transmissions. V-LUX experts performed the pre-project examination of the existing system ad made an estimation of its condition and capabilities, further V-LUX made up a proposal for the new system design based on the state of the art technologies and world leading manufacturers’ solutions. Some of the implementation examples for different project stages include:

  • Data transmission sub-system - Raisecom Technology Co Ltd switches,
  • TV channels coding / decoding subsystems – CP6000 coders, by THOMSON VIDEO NETWORKS,
  • AV PAL /SDI and SDI/ AV PAL transcoding equipment – optical transceivers by Snell Limited,
  • The monitoring tasks are solved with the help of Tektronix Co, Ltd, Snell Limited solutions.

As a result of the project the new systems of video transmission were implemented based on new hi tech equipment of digital compression with the support of MPEG-4 and 4:4:0/4:4:2 profiles, а as well as the possibility of further move to HD format.

  • Cities of the “Central Russia” Rostelecom macro region (Moscow, Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Orel, Tver, Tula, Yaroslavl)
  • Cities of the “North-West” Rostelecom macro region (Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg, Petrozavodsk, Velikiy Novgorod, Pskov, Murmansk, Cherepovets, Vologda, Syktyvkar,Archangelsk, Mirniy)
«Central Russia» Rostelecom macro regional office profile

The «Centre» macro-regional office (MRO Centre) of Rostelecom performs activity on the territory of the Central Federal Distric of Russia. Its structure comprises 18 regional offices.

MRO Centre renders the services based on its own transport network which supports voice services, high-speed Internet xDSL and EV-DO access services, data transmission, wire and «on air» radio broadcasting as well as renders services to other telecommunication operators enabling cable channels broadcasting.

Макрорегиональный филиал Центрэто:

  • 7,35 mln installed capacity for telephone networks;
  • 6,7 mln fixed communication subscribers;
  • 26 trunk telephone stations;
  • 965 subscribers of wire broadcasting;
  • 15 cable TV networks in large cities;
  • 104 cell phone subscribers.
«North-West» Rostelecom macro-regional office profile

MRO «North-West» with its 8 regional offices represents Rostelecom in the territory of North-West Federal District of Russia.

It renders services to more than 3,5 telephone subscribers, above 1,5 mln Internet users, more than 280 thousand IPTV subscribers and over 1,2 mln pay TV subscribers.

Rostelecom provides services to individuals, corporate customers and telecom operators using their own baseline network covering voice services, data transmission and IP-services

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