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V-LUX Latest Major Projects OJSC “MTS”

For more than 15 years V-LUX has been cooperating with companies which are now members of MTS holding. Major directions of cooperation:

  • Supply of equipment for satellite communication
  • Supply of equipment for cable TV networks
  • Supply of broadband access and data transmission networks equipment
  • Supply of components of digital TV platforms
  • Supply of end-user devices
  • System integration

Major projects of V-LUX for MTS

  • In June 2013 MTS officially announced that V-LUX was the winner of the tender on construction of teleport for the system of direct TV-broadcasting for group of companies OAO “Mobile Telesystems». The construction of the teleport has been completed in 2014. Above design and development, equipment supply and satellite earth station mounting V-LUX also build the new satellite digital TV platform within the project.
  • 2013 - completion of works for DVB-C digital headends construction. The project geography included all major macro-regions of Russia: Sibir (12 cities), Russian Far East (8 cities), Povolzhiye, Tatarstan (10 cities). The equipment was installed and adjusted on all of the sites.
  • In June 2012 V-LUX finalized the 1st stage of works on supply and putting into operation the equipment of digital TV platforms for OAO “MTS” (ZAO “Comstar-Regions”). For this project we supplied the products of Harmonic and solutions for transport streams control by Pixelmetrix. The head-end for 10 cities of Far East broadcasts up to 149 channels of standard definition (SD). V-LUX specialists fulfilled system and work projects , installation, adjustment, training of personnel of MTS. Within the framework of the project the integration with CAS Irdeto was realized, as well as receipt and processing of the multicast-streams from Moscow and traffic distribution to the regions
  • In 2010-2011 V-LUX delivered a great number of platform and digital TV distribution network components for 19 subsidiaries of “Comstar-Regions” (OAO “MTS” holding)
  • In 2008-2009 V-LUX designed the digital TV platform and delivered the equipment for the digital cable TV and IPTV project of ООО “NMSC” (Novosibirsk Centre of ZAO “Comstar-Regions”). Currently the operator is broadcasting more than 80 digital TV programs.
  • The branch of “Comstar-Regions” in the city of Novosibirsk (providing services under the trademark “CityHomeNet”) realized the working project of construction of the cable TV network in FTTB + Ethernet technology for the city of Novosibirsk for 27 000 subscribers. V-LUX realized the complex supply of the equipment of signal processing and control and monitoring system by Harmonic, installation and setting of the head-end equipment, integration of CAS Irdeto into the existing TV platform
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