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Latest Major Projects

Adler Thermal Power Station

Nuclear plant Kolskaya

Vagankovskaya Substation

LUKOIL is one of the leading refineries in Russia.
A new power plant located in the Imereti Lowland area in the city of Sochi and covers an area of 9.89 hectares.
World's first nuclear power plant built north of the Arctic Circle.
Vagankovskaya Electric Substation is a high-voltage lowering substation

Voskhod substation

Norilsk Nickel

Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant

The Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant

The 500 kV Voskhod substation is a power substation under construction located on the territory of the Kormilovskiy district of the Omsk region.
Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company is the largest in Russia and one of the largest companies in the world for the production of precious and non-ferrous metals.
Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant is an industrial group of the Russian metallurgical complex, it is one of the largest domestic producers of pipe products with a total market share of about 20%.
The Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant is the leading enterprise in Russia and Europe for the production of steel pipes. Over 25 thousand standard sizes of pipes and pipe profiles from 200 grades of carbon, alloy and stainless steels are produced on 34 Russian and 25 foreign standards, as well as 400 specifications.

Varandey offshore terminal

Lipetsk Thermal power station

Kalinin nuclear power plant

Aurora Association

Varandey Lukoil is the only fixed offshore ice-resistant off-loading terminal in Russia for shipping oil products.
V-LUX took an active part in the modernization of Thermal power station TETs-2, and carried out a full list of works connected with the construction of an industrial data transmission network on HIRSCHMANN equipment: research of the facility, design works, equipment supply, installation of communication lines, installation of equipment, training of specialists and commissioning of the network.
The Kalinin nuclear power plant is part of the United Energy System. The produced electric power is used in eight regions of the country through the RAO UES of Russia networks. In addition to power supply, Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant carries out high-voltage transit, ensuring the flow of electricity from energy-surplus regions to energy-deficient areas.
The AURORA scientific and production association was founded in 1991. Professional management, highly-qualified engineers and technical personnel allowed us to gain a good reputation among our partners in Russia, CIS and abroad.

MiG Aircraft Corporation

Vnukovo Airport


The MiG Russian aircraft building corporation is the first domestic manufacturer of aviation equipment that within a single legal structure united profile organizations that provide all elements of the life cycle of manufactured aircraft
Vnukovo Airport is a member of the European branch of the International Council of Airports (ACI Europe). Total capacity of Vnukovo airport terminals is 6800 passengers per hour. Annually, the airport serves about 120 thousand flights, performed by more than 200 airlines in Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries.
BelAZ or Belarusian Automobile Plant is one of the world's largest and only manufacturer of quarry equipment in the CIS. The enterprise produces quarry dump trucks with carrying capacity from 30 to 320 tons, machinery for the production cycle in quarries, underground machines, bulldozers, loaders, airfield tractors.

Yartsevo Foundry and Rolling Plant

Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez Permnefteorgsintez


This new plant, designed by VNIImetmash project, produces bar steel rolled stock for the construction complex in Moscow and for the needs of the enterprises of the Central Federal District in the Russian Federation. With the assistance of V-LUX an interdepartmental local network ASUP was built at the foundry-rolling plant in the city of Yartsevo.
In 2008 LUKOIL plants began the program designed to transfer the production management from a single operator's room. The program aimed to increase the efficiency of refining. To solve the task, a single operator room was built, the transport and information network of the automated process control system based on a multi-fiber optical cable was laid across the industrial site, electronic control systems were being installed at the enterprise's facilities.
The Astrakhan gas complex, founded in 1981, is the largest enterprise in the South of Russia for the extraction, processing and transportation of gas, sulfur and liquid hydrocarbons.

Druzhba State Oil Transport Enterprise



The Druzhba State Oil Transport Enterprise is engaged in the operation and maintenance of the oil pipeline of the same name. The enterprise consists of the Enterprise Office in the city of Gomel and several units (nodes) located along the pipeline route.
The Yamal-Europe gas trunkline system is one of Gazprom's most ambitious projects. The pipeline under construction will pass through the territory of four countries, which will increase the flow of Russian gas to Europe.
KazZinc is a large integrated producer of zinc with a large share of concomitant production of copper, precious metals and lead.


Rudnevo incineration plant

Saratov Safe City

Elektrozavod Holding

Dorogobuzh is an enterprise that is located in the Smolensk region (the western region of Russia).
Hirschmann representatives congratulate their partner Electrocentronaladka on the successful completion of the start-up and adjustment works for the information network and the automated process control system of the Moscow incineration plant.
Under the departmental target program called "Prevention of terrorism and extremism in the municipality "City of Saratov" for 2010", the Unified Multiservice Network (EMS) for data transmission for the video surveillance, transmission and storage of information was built.
Here an industrial data transmission network was established for ELEKTROZAVOD, the leading Russian manufacturer of various transformer equipment that is supplied to all sectors of the economy, including electric power, metallurgy, machine building, transport, oil and gas complex, housing and communal services. The industrial optical network uses the HIPER-Ring redundancy technology by Belden-Hirschmann.

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