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V-LUX History of the group
History of the group

Since 1998 V-LUX has been creating multiservice networks and acting as distributor of the most esteemed European and American companies, which produce equipment and solutions for very different architecture. Not only the largest Russian multiservice operators and telecommunication companies made use of our services, but federal authorities, largest Russian and foreign corporations.

Basic stages of development:

1988-1994 - the first CATV networks constructed by our company and based on the equipment supplied by V-LUX.

1994-1999 - the first designs of large CATV networks. Product supplies for the first HFC networks in Russia. The supplies of unique products for the Russia of that period: headends of the highest complexity category, participation in the construction of teleports, the first networks with a return channel and Internet access services.


2000-2009 - this is

  • Products and system integration for digital television DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-H.
  • Multiservice networks of cable television with services of Triple Play - engineering, construction, assemblage.
  • Complex solutions for IP-TV, VOD systems.
  • Complex automation of industrial undertakings, implementation of Industrial Ethernet projects.
  • Construction of low current and corporate networks, integrated security systems.
  • V-LUX has created a large partnership network, today our distributors are spread all over the country, and our technologies are accessible all over Russia, as a result.

2009-nowadays - this is

  • Projects in the sphere of satellite communications
  • System integration and delivery of broadcast equipment and products for distribution-quality television
  • Projects in the sphere of Internet video (ОТТ/IPTV)
  • Projects in the sphere of broadband access
  • Production of industrial automation equipment and data storage systems
Thomson Harmonic
Plisch Conax TRIAX ZTE
Belden Verimatrix
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