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V-LUX Why Is Partnership With V-LUX Profitable?
Why Is Partnership With V-LUX Profitable?

It is the largest systems integrator in the field of full-cycle digital TV (25 years of expertise in the Russian market):

  • V-LUX follows all modern tendencies and innovative technologies in the field of video content delivery to end-user
  • V-LUX is the only Russian systems integrator which has work experience in all technologies of digital TV signal transmission: satellite broadcasting DVB-S, cable TV DVB-C, terrestrial DVB-T, and mobile TV DVB-H. V-LUX was one of the first companies which implemented the project of commercial digital TV platform via IP (IPTV) for national MSO.
  • Most of digital TV providers have resorted to V-LUX services as system integrators and equipment suppliers.
  • V-LUX Group of Companies was the only systems integrator in Russia that won the most prestigious prize for “digital video head end platforms” in the First Russian National Award “Big Digit”. V-LUX nominated for this award Harmonic products as the products of one of its long-term partners and the products which were widely used for latest large-scale projects, including NCN TKT (St-Petersburg), Beeline-TV, AKADO, Mostelecom, Er-Telecom, others. One of our esteemed partners, DVB-H mobile television broadcasting company “Dominanta”, also became a winner in the category “for development of new digital video services”. It should be noted that V-LUX has supplied the head-end equipment and Thomson Grass Valley transmitters for this innovation project, therefore, we are glad that Dominanta became the winner and share their success.
  • We work not only at the Russian market but at CIS countries markets as well, for example, in Kazakhstan and Belorussia.
  • World leading companies in the field of digital TV products and solutions and multi-service networks are our official long-term partners. More than 40 foreign and domestic companies are V-LUX technological partners.
  • V-LUX is a multi-field integrator having experience not only in multi-service networks of paid TV but in data transmission networks as well.
  • V-LUX Group of Companies is an official service partner of Harmonic, Arris and other companies
  • We have implemented more than 1000 various projects in different fields and of different scales
  • We actively participate in preparing normative documents and products homologation for the telecommunication branch
  • We have our own research laboratories and production department
  • We have our own logistics structure.
  • 24 х 7 technical support by certified specialists.
  • 20awardsof major exhibitions in the sector
  • 16 patents in different fields
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