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V-LUX V-LUX experience serves the whole country
V-LUX experience serves the whole country

However we don’t use market environment passively to solve business tasks. Our knowledge and experience form the basis of many normative documents, legislative acts, business concepts of the largest operators. Representatives of V-LUX company were recruited for development and discussion of many legislative and normative documents of the State Duma, Ministry of Telecommunications of the Russian Federation and the Moscow government.

With direct participation of V-LUX the following normative acts have been developed and approved or are being prepared for approval:

  • Interstate standard ‘cable signal distribution networks of television and audio broadcasting’. Main parameters, technical requirements, measuring and testing methods;
  • The concept of development cable TV networks and broadband wireless access systems s.a. MMDS, LMDS, MWS (MVDS);
  • The concept of wired broadcasting development
  • Program of realization of cable TV networks and concept of wireless broadband access systems s.a. MMDS, LMDS, MWS (MVDS)
  • Requirements for parallel broadband cable TV networks that work in the frequency range from 5 to 862 MHz.
  • Program and methods of testing equipment of cable TV distribution networks
  • General technical requirements for equipment of cable TV distribution networks
  • Draft Federal law on cable television
  • V-LUX takes active part in implementation of state and municipal informatics communications programs. V-LUX experts published more than 80 scientific and popular science works, we also published a book "Modern Cable Networks of Community Reception" by A.K.Shishov and S.N.Peskov.
  • In 1998 V-LUX participated directly in the development and foundation of Cable Television Association of Russia (AKTR), the association which unites all companies being involved in cable television networks: CATV operators, equipment suppliers, developers, systems integrators, etc. V-LUX is the member of AKTR and takes an active part in its functioning. The General Manager of V-LUX, Dr. sc. oec., is the Vice-President of Cable Television Association of Russia and a member of scientific and technical council of Ministry of Communications of Russian Federation
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